iPad Stand Hire for UK Events 2024

Below is our range of well maintained and high quality iPads stands for hire. Click on the thumbnails to view larger images of our rental iPad stands and read the detailed specs and other information about them.


Reliability & Dependability

All our stands are well maintained and are cleaned, checked and packed prior to sending out, our motto is that iPad stand hire should be as near brand new condition as possible. We have a dedicated team in the south of England, we usually deliver iPad floor stands and desktop iPad stands directly to events in and around the south east of England. For deliveries further afield we recommend you take our desktop stands which are courier friendly and can be delivered nationwide.

If there are any ipad display stands not listed feel free to call us or enter a custom order request in your rental enquiry. We have a large inventory of various iPad and tablet holders which we can retrofit into the stands to fit your devices.

All our stands are premium, used by major brands like McDonalds, IKEA, British Airways, Sky, EE, British Gas etc. They are trusted for their quality, aesthetic and user friendlyness.

It has come to our attention that a lot of smaller companies are providing low quality iPad stand hire at more or less the same cost as us. Those lower quality stands are designed and built in factories in Asia, don’t often fit the iPad well and are difficult to get the iPad in and out.

Please bear this in mind when booking your iPad stands. Cheap looking stands may end up being more bothersome and costly to your reputation when they don’t fit well and your colleagues need to fiddle with hardware to get the iPads in and out of the display.


Frequently asked questions

Yes we do, our brandable floor stands and bouncepad stands all support iPad pro 12.9. We supply the high capacity 30W chargers with the iPad pro stands allowing you to charge them fast.”
The iPad air 3 (previously known as the iPad pro 10.5″ inch is supported by our bouncepad range, we can supply the 30W chargers with them at an optional upgrade. Do note that the lighting connector does not utilise the full power of the charger. The 10.2″ is broadly the same size as iPad 10.5″ and can be fitted on all our stands.
Most of our iPad stands are freestanding, we do have 1 stand, the bouncepad flex which can be used in kiosks. As we are a dry hire company we’re not able to directly offer iPad kiosks for hire, you will need to take delivery of our iPad desk stand and build it into an iPad kiosk using your stand builder.
We are based in London and we we provide iPad and stand rental to London and the rest of the UK
We can pre-install apps and load data onto the iPad free of charge for your rental, additionally we have apps pre-installed on our iPads which are designed for iPad kiosk mode. We have kiosk pro and surefox pre-installed on all our iPads. Just ask us to load the iPads with a full requirement 48 hours before receipt of iPad display stands.
We have have a limited number of tablet stands for rental, due to the changing nature of the industry and non-standard sizing we aren’t able to list all the current supported models. Please feel free to send an enquiry over and we’d be delighted to help.
Yes, both the bouncepad and brandable iPad stand heave headphone support and you can play back and listen to audio while the devices are encased in the iPad


Why rent iPad and stands?

  • Showcase company website at exhibitions
  • Showcase iOS app.
  • Fully lockable security, so built in anti-theft measure.
  • Self hosted multimedia player & portfolio.
  • Questionnaires/Registration kiosk.
  • Self checkout facility for delegates
  • Donation kiosks at charity events.

iPad stands that are easy to use and feature packed

Over the years we’ve trialled various different stands and we believe we stock the absolute best stands. Our criteria for all of our stands are:

  • Be easy to insert & remove iPad & tablet
  • Support inline charging
  • Support both horizontal & vertical orientation (including swivel option when needed)
  • High security for iPad mounted in stand
  • PAT complaint iPad stands (when inline charging is used, the stands are PAT compliant)

Discounts for multiple units available.

Contact us today for iPad stand hires today. Call us now on 020 3397 2843 or browse our site for products you’re looking for and proceed through the online quote request system.