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    Want to bypass expensive wifi charges at events? Need to get internet on the move? Well we might have the perfect solution for you. Our 4g & 3g routers are cheap to hire and can allow you to access mobile internet affordably from a number of devices.


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Our fantastic 4G mobile internet rental services provides you with the fastest mobile broadband speeds which can rival any home broadband connection. Using our 4G routers you will have the ability to provide internet connection to up to 10 laptops, tablets or smartphones.

In one case our 4G routers were used to live stream a teleconference because the wifi speed of a 5 star London hotel was not adequate for their needs.

You may also find that wifi charges at some exhibitions in the UK are just too slow and far to expensive. the 4G router provides you with your own dedicated internet connection at a fraction of the cost of event wifi.

Some features and benefits of our 4G routers are:

  • Fastest Double Speed 4G EE mobile broadband – fastest connection in the UK
  • Reserved 4G connection. EE will reserve bandwidth for 4G router users over voice & data users.
  • Connect up to 10 devices to use the connection concurrently.
  • Save over 90% of the costs compared to event wifi
  • Mains powered for stand/office use
  • Mifi device for mobile customers.
  • Powered by the UKs largest mobile internet 4G network


Why choose us?

  • All our packages are hand packed and configured.
  • 4G routers are set up to work straight out of the box, just power up and go.
  • 4G routers taken out with our iPads will be paired up.
  • Providing 4G routers for over 5 years and counting.
  • First rental company in UK to adopt 4G routers in fleet.


Mobile networks

Our preferred mobile internet rental connections is EE. EE have the widest coverage in the UK and offer flexible short term contracts which are perfect for our short term rentals.

EE Data (sim only) tariffs:

You are welcome to use sim cards from other networks which you can source yourself.

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