• iZettle payment system hire

    Our iZettle device rental services allows you to obtain large numbers of card payment systems for short term use at exhibition and trade shows. Ideal for those who do not want to sign up to a merchant service and pay huge overheads. Our devices are supplied for as little as £13 per event/week.

    • Accept payment via iPad
    • No fixed fees
    • Available with bluetooth printer or without
    • Works with contactless and Apple Pay
    • Requires no mobile internet
    • Works with wifi and iPad 4G
    • No merchant number required

    Don’t forget to add iPads to your order if you require them here.

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If you need a short term requirement for large numbers of payment devices for events then iZettle rental is perfectly suited for you. You don’t need a timely setup for a merchant account nor a merchant number. Simply sign up to iZettle and confirm your bank details. Once you have the equipment delivered you can start taking payment easily.

The beauty of iZettle hire is that you do not need merchant subscription which will usually have minimum volumes or minimum contract length.

The iZettle device works with the iZettle app on an iPad. The app is free to download and use. The app will manage all your card and cash transactions so it’s an all in one POS system that can be used to fully account for the daily takings.

Whether you want a single iZettle device or hundreds we can help you fill your requirements. Get in touch today, add the item to your quote list and fill out the Quote request form and we will get back to you within a few hours.

If you have any questions that covered here, or want an immediate response then call us on 020 3397 2843

iZettle is a short term payment processor without any tie ins or fixed fees. It works on Tablets and smartphones. You simply pair the iZettle card reader with an iPad, set up the iPad app and you’re ready to start taking payments.
iZettle devices can function just like full POS systems. If you require receipt printing capability you pair a bluetooth printer and print receipts with the orders.
Absolutely not, iZettle is your one stop shop for the entire payment processing process, there are no additional accounts or subscriptions needed.
Absolutely not, you pay a transaction fee for taking payments, so if iZettle works for you then you pay a small fee ranging from 2.75% to 1% [less for higher volumes], there aren’t any subscription fees, hidden exit fees on returning the device. Most importantly you’re not tied into any minimum contract lengths like you are with many other payment handlers
Absolutely we perform several checks to ensure the integrity and security of the iZettle devices we send out. In addition to this there are software and hardware security features built into the iZettle devices. The device have a self destruct feature when opened, if someone tries to open the device, it will no longer work. The device will display an error message on screen and become a paperweight. In addition to this the iZettle app checks the integrity of the software installed on the chip and pin device to ensure there hasn’t been any alterations made to the software.

You can be rest assured the devices will not compromise your customers’ card data and and perform as originally intended by iZettle

Don’t forget to add iPads and holders if you require a complete POS system

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 111 × 1 cm

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