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    Simple, elegant and premium iPad desktop stands, brought to you at a cost effective rate.

    Our iPad desk stand hire service is priced competitively, we also offer bulk discounts for multiple unit rentals – call us to get a quote.

    Duration (days) Charge per unit (ex VAT)
    1 25.00
    2 30.00
    3-7 35.00

    Maximum rental per week is £35.00 + VAT, discounts apply for long term rentals. Enquire for details

    This page is for iPad stands only. If you require iPads as well, add them seperately from the iPad hire page

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White secure iPad desk stand can be tethered to your exhibition display furniture using a Kensington lock. Additionally we can work with your stand builders to bolt these desk stands directly into your tables and other furniture.

Our iPad stands are built to have a low footprint so they use as little desk space as possible.


The iPad desk stand hire service run nationwide, they’re small enough to be sent via courior using next day delivery.. The iPad desk stand is suitable for use in trade shows, receptions and conventions. They’re also ideal for demonstrating the iPad in retail outlets for one off or short term use.


Most of our iPad hire desk stands can mount iPads both horizontally, most can freely rotate either horizontally or vertically, others need to be locked into one configuration. If you have a specific orientation requirement. Mention this to us when calling and we’ll be able to give you a tailor made solution.


Most of our stands have a glossy finish to compliment the iPad, colours range from black, white and metallic/chrome effect. The stands are designed to hold the iPad in a sturdy position and have hi grip rubber feet to prevent themselves from sliding around everywhere.

Built from a sturdy, durable material, the stands in our iPad desk stand hire range are perfectly capable of withstanding normal wear and tear.



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