iPad Apps for Exhibitions (Mainly Kiosks & Stands)

Want to use an iPads for events but not quite sure which app is the best fit? Below you’ll find some of our most commonly used apps. If you’re not able to find the information you’re looking for feel free to contact us using the contact form or give us a call.

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Most common request for iPad display stands for events is to showcase a company website. Safari and other web browsers are not optimised for this purpose as they can launch third party apps and allow user to open additional tabs and visit other websites.

Kiosk pro


Allows you to take full control over the web browser for kiosk presentations.

  • Lock onto your website and a predefined list of allowed sites
  • Set a time-out to revert back to a specified homepage
  • Assigned native shortcut links along the footer to link to high value pages pages
  • Block out third party app lauches such as twitter/facebook/linked in apps.
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Most of these portfolio apps are designed to showcase videos & images for presentations. They each allow you to customise the layout and design of the interface. Most importantly you can set up folders to organise your presentation. These apps can also be used in kiosk mode as they prevent ordianry users from editing anything. However they were not designed for iPad kiosks and therefore do not revert back to homepage after a period of inactivity

Portfolio for iPad

portfolio for iPad

Our go-to app for setting up view-only (non editable) portfolio for pdf files, videos, images.

  • Elegant navigation and preview images
  • Highly customisable interface
  • Backup/restore function allows you to transfer presentations onto multiple iPads
  • Integration with flickr, dropbox and other sites
  • Supports videos, audio, images and pdf documents
  • Back button is small and discrete, easy to miss for non techies
  • Does not revert back to homepage after a period of inactivity
  • Difficult to set up.

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MediaPad pro


MediaPad pro is a close second after Portfolio for iPad. However we use MediaPad when navigation and ease of use are more important over aesthetics.

  • Slightly more predisposed for use in iPad kiosks
  • Easy to set up
  • Reverts back to menu after video playback
  • Native guestbook and embedded website browser (ideal for kiosk use)
  • Supports videos, audio and images
  • Very simple navigation and viewing options prevent user from getting lost in display
  • Only works well with darker themes, not ideal for light/corporate colour schemes
  • Media are 3 layers deep into the navigation menu, no option to disable extra options or guestbook
  • No backup/restore function to migrate presentation onto other devices.
  • Video player does not have a progress indicator

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A dedicated app for performing surveys & questionnaires at a high footfall event is crucial. Many exhibitors still use website forms to capture leads. Website forms are OK for small scale surveys and questionnaires. But auto complete gets in the way, web forms aren’t always user friendly and websites depend heavily on internet connections.

Quick Tap Survey


Allows you to take surveys easily at events and exhibitions.

  • Very quick and easy setup
  • Live upload to web server and local storage
  • Works very well as a standalone survey/lead generation device with brandable splash screen and auto reset
  • Skip logic makes progress faster
  • 1 question per screen allows for better cognition and entry
  • Progress indicator
  • Lack of promotional incentives for participants – prize draws, discount coupon automation would help
  • Monthly billing a bit prohibitive

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