Engage social media at events using QR codes

Test QR for social media. Open up and scan code

A client wanted to use our iPad display stands to mount an iPad that would be a vehicle to get retweets and likes for their service. Immediately we realised there would be a problem, people generally do not like to enter their login details on public computers (in this case tablets). Secondly, a lot of people probably don’t even know their passwords from memory.

So how do we encourage attendees at events to like, retweet or follow us at events safely and easily? Get them to use their smartphones to do so of course!

But how do you lubricate the process and get them on your twitter faster? or even have a pre-written twitter message on their device instantly? Very easily with QR codes.

You’ll need to get your designer to create a large visible banner for you which will have your QR codes, call to actions & incentives. It’s good practice to state where the QR code will lead the user – people generally do not want to be led blind onto a random link.

We used the services of to generate QR codes.


You can set up pre-written status via QR codes. It’s a good idea to print the twitter message next to the QR code for previews. Prize draws help rack up the tweets. Tweets are a more transparent way to do random prize prize draws at events.

status update QR

QR stuff allows you to also just link to your twitter profile to get users to follow you, we’ve found a much better way to encourage followers. You can use Twitter Intents URLs to prime the user closer to the action you desire.

Create QR codes for the Intents URLs below

Follow us:   (replace ubookrental with your twitter id)
Retweet our message:  (replace tweet number with your tweet)
Reply to our tweet: (replace tweet number with your tweet)



facebook like qr

Send attendees to a page to like your website or direct users to a facebook page


Other services

There are a myriad of other options available, you could invite attendees to follow a dropbox link to download your press pack, send users to the app store to download your app there and then, share or visit your linkedin profile.