Internet kiosk hire – a better way

Having your website easily accessible for public demonstration can be instrumental for your sales and marketing objectives. This is of course essential if you are collecting leads through a web form, but just as important if a big part of your sales come in through your site and you need to do a live demo.

An internet kiosk rental can help you get the equipment you need for short term rentals for events. Internet kiosks or “booths” as some people like to call them were very popular in the early 2000’s but have fallen out of favour since.

There are several reasons for this, most websites nowadays are optimised for mobile, so a tablet works best for website display, pinch and zoom and swipe are integral features on a website which is best demonstrated on a tablet. A convention internet kiosk is effectively a desktop computer on a terminal and can suffer from the speed, performance issues of a desktop computer.

In addition to this, majority of people we surveyed preferred viewing website on a tablet over a desktop.

An iPad stand provides a multitude of benefits over an internet kiosk, it’s a lot more compact without compromising on screen size. Our stands now take the iPad pro so you have the ability to showcase a very large tablet with 12.9″ screen on an iPad stand.

It’s lightweight so there is a reduced labour charge which means the cost savings are passed onto you. An internet kiosk rental can be quite expensive as it requires a two man team to carry the equipment into the exhibition location. In addition to this a van with a taillift is required as it can weigh over 120kg in some cases.

So why not save yourself costs and headaches associated with an internet kiosk, used an iPad with and iPad stand. View the links below: